Are you ready for EMC 2011?

It’s getting near! The last EMC was a blast. An amazing hit for 2010! Things would be a little different this time, so we are all hyped up!

So what is EMC anyway?

EMC or Essential Magic Conference is a magic convention like everything else we go to every year. The difference though is the location, it’s in the internet. I believe this is a novel concept that adapts to the innovation started by TED Talks. My frustration would always be the cost for going to a convention. First, I would need to travel halfway around the world in order to reach the nearest possible convention. Get a hotel reservation and literally spend all the money I have left for the product booths. This would save me tons of money being an event on the internet. You would get a direct feed live, get the posted videos if you came in late, and even get a set of DVDs for the whole event! For people like me, who is literally thousands of miles away, this brings us closer to the event, and closer to everyone involved in this convention.

For more info, check out the interview of Luis De Matos and Marco Tempest, the organizers and creators of EMC.

Check it on this link!


~ by agatonmagic on July 2, 2011.

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